Plants Vs Zombies

Sunday, March 24 our garrison against the zombies of speculation and genetic uniformity, launched the first offensive: an army of knowledgeable farmers, assisted by festive volunteers, sowed the vegetable seedlings…

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Ecological walking day

Seven participating associations - Libera Mente, Macondo, Rondine City of Peace, Cric Ponte Buriano, Circolo Monte Sopra Rondine, La Racchetta Civil Protection, Legambiente Arezzo, Pro Loco Pratantico - 3 teams…

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Greenhouse inauguration

Our association has accepted the appeal of a group of local farmers for the promotion and enhancement of ancient and traditional crops. The idea of ​​promoting biodiversity protection has thrilled…

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HACCP Course

Thursday 31 January 2019 the last lesson of the HACCP course was held. In the previous weeks, the guests of the first reception facility in Ponte Buriano (AR) followed an…

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