Care of the Ponte Buriano reserve

The project, launched on clearances by the Province of Arezzo, has so far involved eight of our guests. At the moment there are four guests who keep him alive. It was born to support the reception structure of Ponte Buriano 6 to offer opportunities for job training, employment, integration, pace of life, outdoor activities.

This concerns in particular the care and maintenance of the path and the area between Ponte Buriano and Rondine, and of the area included in the intersection between the Chiana and the Arno. Eventually the participants can also be called to intervene in the Bandella and Valle dell’Inferno reserve.

Participants are trained in a workplace safety course and are provided with accident prevention clothing, they are also covered by INAIL insurance as well as by the association.

During the volunteering activity the participants have the tutoring of a community animator, professional gardener, who teaches him the basics of the work:

Ͽ Safe use of work tools

Ͽ Work planning

Ͽ Maintenance and care of tools

Ͽ Maintenance and care of accident prevention equipment.

The activity is carried out in the period between the first of September and December 15th and from January 15th to July 31st, every Tuesday from 9am to 12am. The work carried out is reported through the association’s blog.